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Three Days in September

Year: 2015 / Country: Macedonia, Kosovo /  Runtime: 90 min. / Languages: Macedonian, Albanian

Two completely different women – a prostitute and an avenger, are forced by destiny to help each other in clearing their pasts. Marika kills a man in self-defense. She runs off to a train where she meets Jana - a quiet and shy woman in her late 30s. Jana travels to her cottage, deep in the mountains. That's a chance for Marika to take a refuge. The days go by in quiet melancholy while the suspicion between the two women as to their true intentions gets stronger.

Production company: Skopje Film Studio MKD

Co-production company: Ikone Studio Kosovo

Producer: Tomi SALKOVSKI

Co-producers: Valon BAJGORA, Yll UKA

Directed by Darijan PEJOVSKI; Screenplay by Darijan PEJOVSKI and Igor IVANOV; Cinematographer Dimo POPOV; Music composed by Aleksandar PEJOVSKI; Sound designer Igor POPOVSKI; Editor Vladimir PAVLOVSKI; Art director Snezana PONJAVIC MUCA; Costume designer Emilija IVANOVSKA ATANASOVSKA; Make up designer Simona RISTEVSKA



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Festivals and Awards

2018 - 6. Balkan Florence Express, Italy - Balkan Bridges Award - Best Fiction Film


2017 - LET’S CEE Film Festival in Vienna, Austria


2016 - FEST Belgrade, Serbia; 23. Febiofest Prague, Czech Republic; 39. Grenzland Filmtage /Germany; 10. Festival du Film Policier, Belgium; 6. SEE Film Festival Paris-Berlin; 9. Cineast Film Festival, Luxembourg

2015 - 39. World Film Festival in Montreal, Canada – World Premiere (2. September); 51. Chicago International Film Festival, USA; 14. Cinedays Skopje, Macedonia – Macedonian Premiere (12. November) Best Screenplay Award; 25. Cottbus International Film Festival, Germany; 17. Bratislava International Film Festival, Slovakia;

1. Edirne International Film Festival, Turkey


Skopje Film Studio

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