feature film, co-production

Luka lives with his quite harmonious and pleasant family in a very interesting neighbourhood in the suburbs. During a turbulent period, big misunderstandings and conflicts start to emerge within the family. Left alone, Luka immerses himself in fiction, trying to find a solution for all the problems. He meets a girl in an abandoned factory complex where he often spends his time practicing his “superpowers” and she begins to help Luka develop a plan to fix the now-endangered family relationships

Director: Gojko Berkuljan

feature film, co-production

A police officer steals some money from an international judge of a special court in Kosovo. The money was a bribe for the judge. Now the officer faces a dilemma – whether to keep the money and deny everything or figure out a way to return the money for his own family's safety.

Director: Gazmend Nela

feature film, co-production

Miro Gelo is a happily married man and a father of two children who lives a comfortable life without major problems or challenges. His one-time forbidden adventure has an unfortunate outcome and the people who have helped him now ask for something in return; the devil is claiming his due. Escort is a film about crime and punishment, although there is no real crime committed here, and the punishment is not really archetypal.

Director: Lukas Nola

feature film, co-production

The world was enveloped in the Cold War. The "Iron Curtain" split not only Europe, but the whole world, into two politically and militarily antagonistic blocs. Nuclear weapons are present in both blocs. Fear of nuclear war leads to a panicked attempt by many countries to provide such weapons, while science works to find a cure for nuclear radiation caused by the use of nuclear weapons.

Director: Dragan Bjelogrlic